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Belize Politically/Economically Stable

Belize has a diverse society made up of many cultures and languages. As a former British colony, then called British Honduras, the official language is English, but Spanish and Kriol are two languages widely spoken. Belize is bordered by Spanish speaking countries Mexico (north) and Guatemala (south and west) and the Caribbean Sea (east).

Belize is unique in that it is the only country in the Central America region with British colonial heritage and also one of the nations with strong ties with the Caribbean region.

Belize has a stable economy one that relies on tourism, agriculture and trade. In more recent years Belize has joined the offshore services sector and is promoting progressive legislation for offshore products which attracts foreign inventors to Belize.

Belize Progressive Legislation for Different Offshore Products

Belize offshore company incorporation is enacted in the Belize International Business Companies Act of 2000. Since then legislation for offshore international trust and offshore private foundations has been added.

Belize Companies — Affordable fee structure

Offshore company and offshore entities legislation is reviewed and amended regularly to keep up with international regulations and investor and business demands. In an attempt to keep ahead of competition, Belize offshore company incorporation and maintenance fees are affordable and very reasonably priced.

Belize Offshore Services — Solid administration and support

The on island offshore supports system starts with government agencies — responsible for regulation and implementation, as well as the local registry — responsible for incorporation and registrations process, and licensed offshore service providers — responsible for the administration and maintenance of the Belize company incorporation process.

Belize Modern Offshore Centre for Company Incorporation

The facilities are modern, up to date, the process is streamlined, and the departments are well-organized. Belize offshore corporations are formed in one day.